Truelog Software Overview

A suite of software modules allows user-friendly access to a comprehensive array of features and facilities. The primary attributes of the platform are Reliability, Functionality, and Ease of Use, ensuring the non-stop capture of accurate and tamper proof recordings for the most demanding applications. All software applications can be installed on any Windows (2000, 2003, XP, VISTA, Windows 7, 8 & 10) computer on the network. In a WAN or VPN environment, the programs can connect to any number of remote sites.


A network client application which allows users to view and listen to live calls in progress on any channel to which the user has access, in accordance with authorisation and security settings.

The Truelog Monitor program provides a real-time overview of active calls, with live audio monitoring of trunk and/or extension ports by clicking on the 'Play' button for each channel (subject to user access levels).


A network client application which allows users to search for and play back recorded calls in accordance with their authorisation and security settings.

Although the application provides a highly comprehensive range of features, its intuitive design allows any user who is familiar with Microsoft Windows to make full use of the program with just a minute or two of instruction.

A user's authorisation level determines the specific calls to which he or she has access. This may vary from the user's own calls only, to a defined group of extensions (or a department), to multiple departments. Full authorisation allows a user to play back all calls made within the enterprise. Where a call is transferred between multiple extensions, user restrictions are fully applied - i.e. a user will not be able to view or play back a portion of a transferred call which takes place at a user-restricted extension.


Used by the system administrator to set up the configuration of the system and perform user management. The maintenance module can also be run as a network-client application.

Truelog Traffic Analyzer

On a trunk-side voice logging system, the Traffic Analyzer module enables the measurement of traffic across specified trunk lines and groups. It plots the number of simultaneous calls (i.e. concurrent channels in use) on the selected trunks, optionally filtered by dialled prefixes, over a selected period of time. This allows a telephony administrator to accurately determine traffic volumes in order to correctly 'dimension' network access, particularly with regard to the optimization of Least Cost Routing lines. Being based on concurrent calls, the Traffic Analyzer also provides an accurate indication of contact centre staffing requirements at different times of day, month etc, and will reveal traffic trends over a period of time.

The charts below are taken from an ISP support call centre equipped with 13 x PRI and 90 x SIP trunks, handling primarily inbound traffic. This call centre operates between 7.30am and 10pm, and is also active on weekends. The charts below track the number of simultaneous calls over a period of 1) one month and 2) one day, with no filtering being applied. The traffic therefore includes all inbound and outbound groups, as well as general and administrative calls

Simultaneous calls over a period of 1 Month:-
The chart reveals the following:

  • The commencement of a new campaign at the middle of the month led to a significant increase in inbound calls during the second half of the month.
  • A period on the 14th (a Sunday) during which traffic came to a halt whilst a PBX upgrade was carried out.
  • Reduced traffic on Monday 22nd (a public holiday).
  • A high level of inbound calls on the morning of Sunday 28th, when a customer connectivity issue resulted in a high number of support calls. This issue was resolved in the early afternoon, whereupon inbound traffic returned to a normal level.

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