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Cloud solutions

A fully-managed IP telephony system which replaces your PBX system. All that is needed at your office is a standard network and IP telephones. The cloud PBX can be distributed over any number of physical offices and only requires an internet connection at each site.

The call platform, PBX, voice logging and many more features are driven from the remote cloud infrastructure and are accessed globally through the Internet. The business end-users connect via IP to the provider for voice, data, call recording etc. services at a low monthly fee.

  • Minimal up-front capital investment required.
  • Minimal maintenance or support required.

Increase staff productivity

Reduce call costs

Free interbranch calls

  • Lowest call rates at the highest network quality.
  • You only pay for what you use.


  • Additional trunks or extensions are deployed in minutes without hassle or huge capital investment.
  • Grow your phone system as your business grows.

Superior voice quality

Number porting

  • Keep your existing phone number, even if you move offices.

Call logging / recording

  • Offers the same functionality as the Truelog Playback app, with all calls stored in the cloud.
  • Accessed via your desktop.
  • Unlike our competitors, recording hours are uncapped at much lower costs. Why settle for only 30 days or 10 000 hours of recordings?
  • Our system allows the user to download encrypted files for court proceedings without hassle. MP3 or WAV formats do not stand up in court.

PNG (Pseudo Number Generator)

  • Remain anonymous with Pseudo Number Generator.
  • Allows outgoing calls to display a different number from a user specific list each time a call is made.
  • Pseudo numbers can include fixed line or GSM numbers which ensure that the called party cannot identify who the call is from.
  • The great thing is that when clients call back they get through to you.

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